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 Post subject: BYOND
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:16 am 
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BYOND is a gmae engine, or client, rahter, that gives you access to a ton of player-made MMO's. They're mostly quite simple and maybe a little limited, but they're still fun. You can find games from a ton of series, like DBZ, Resident Evil, and even the one I'm sure everyone loves:Megaman. I've seen only about three of them, but one's my fave and still growing.

Many of the more advanced games are the DBZ ones--there's a whole genre dedicated to them. Even if you're not a DBZ fan but you like RPG PVPers, you should try them.

You'll have to register an account and download the BYOND client to play the games, and you have to take the time to download them before playing. The client will automatically do this for you. Some games allow you to host them yourself.

However, I may have to warn you:I've met a couple of bad hosts. Mostly from a particular game, but I'd be being a little too specific...there are a few who you can anger and they ban you from their game(only if they are hosting it, you can still join another host with the same game, but your save file for that game will not go to that server.)without you breaking rules. A good sign of this is when they tell you not to do something that isn't against the rules. the host can ruin a player's game experience. Just letting a warning out.

You can even create your own games, but it's not that easy if you're not experienced with code or the programs needed. However, the site offers tutorials on how to create games with their engine.

Well that's about all I have to say about it. You can find the site

If you find "ZeroFuri" or usually someone with "Zero" only as their name lurking around, that would be me! Except if you see anyone named Zero Final or Zero Chaos--they're about as active as I am, but not me. Just so no one gets confused, here.

I'll like you directly to some of my personal faves.
- Horror and mystery await you in this school of murder.
- Massive PVP fighting wit ha ton of Megaman characters! Your roster starts out really small, but using those chars, work your way up to the more powerful ones!
- A game currently with some work to do, but is fully playable with enough stuff to do to keep you playing a while!
- My favorite DBZ BYOND game. Easy to level and has tons of techniques and races to choose from.

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