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 Post subject: Megaman Battle Nework online
 Post Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:33 pm 
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First of all, get a Rockman.EXE game or other one and read this

A)How to netbattle on the Internet

1. Download Hamachi . Hamachi fools your computer into thinking computers actually connected over the internet are connected in a LAN configuration. This makes it possible to play any games with LAN-only support online!

2. Install the program, go through it's mini-guide, and learn it's basics. (Trust me, its simple enough.)

3. Power on Hamachi. One of the two players should press the Connection Button to Create a New Network. Give it a any name you want and any password you want. As long as your opponent knows what they are, they can get into that network also.

4. The other player should press the connection button and Join the Existing Network that was just made by the other player above.

5. Hamachi/IP addresses are besides their nicknames if needed.

6. Download VBALink 1.8beta0: . Unzip it, Install it, and set up as desired.

7. Each player should open VBALink and go to Options ==>Link. Check the Wireless Adapter option.

8. If you want faster speed at the cost of slightly less stability, select 'Faster' on the slidebar (This is recommended for MMBN6!)

9. One of you must select "Server" and then click Start.

10. The other chooses "Client", and enters the IP address or name of the server and clicks Connect.

11. If everything was done right, when all players are connected, a message box with the text "Connected" will appear.

12. Load MMBN6. It must be MMBN6 as it is the only EXE game to have Wireless Adapter functionality. (We will not provide a link to the ROM, so DON'T ASK!)

13. Load your save file and go to the Start Menu in game. Scroll down to the "Comm" option.

14. Select "Wirless Adapter."

15. Select "Change Name," and input the name you want to use for the battle. Click OK when finished.

16. Back at the previous screen, select "HS" if you are the "Server" on VBALink. The other select "CL" if they are the "Client" on VBALink.

17. Select the same Modes, such as Battle, Trade, etc. and Enjoy!!

B)is the game slow(lag)?

1. The Speed of the game depends on your internet connection speed and your CPU itself.

2. Turn off your firewall OR give it permission for Hamachi to connect and accept incoming connections.

3. If you have more than one network, disable the ones you're not using so that only the connection needed to access to the internet and the Hamachi connection are on.



the password for all its "rock".Organizing a battle is simple.Just PM a your opponent and try to connect and if you have a Youtube channel, upload a video fighting in the net.

That's all!

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