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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:37 am 
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O well, i didnt find a better place for postig these so, i will put this on this topic lol.

In japan you can find some drama tracks about rockman zero that gives you wonderfull information about the saga.
Theres information about neoarcadia, the guardians, ciels memories, the true about Elpizo and lot more.
But theres a problem. The tracks are on japanese.

Thanks to my friends on other forums and places we got the tracks in japanese with their translation on english so i decided to post them here too.

Here i come =D.

[spoiler=elf wars] Cyber X: Zero... You can do it... You...

Cyber X: The radiance of lives born from the stars... The cries of the machines created to resemble humans... The flames of the conflicts that arose from their ideas... None of these reaches here anymore. The scenes that rise from the depths of my consciousness as it melts away into the electronic abyss engulfed in silence, Zero, are my memories of the battlefield of a century ago when I fought together with you. What I can hear, is the last words you left behind a hundred years ago.

X: I...we...are not fighting to enslave anyone. We are not fighting to injure anyone. We just...want to create a world where everyone can cooperate!
Omega: Guooooo...
Zero: Omega...after fighting with another one of myself, I finally understood. What kind of battles I have been fighting up to now. What my hesitation was up to now. Now I can say. My power isn't meant for destruction. It exists to protect with my friend those he believes in! (Zero attacks Omega.) Begone! My nightmare!
X: Farewell, my destiny.
Zero and X: Final Strike!

Scientist: There hasn't been time for a complete sealing. Since the suspension of his functions has already begun, I don't know whether a satisfying conversation will be possible.
X: Zero.
Zero: X...?
X: ...Will you be all right like this? Even though you've been fighting for everyone's sake...in a state like this.
Zero: As long as I'm around...the bloodstained history will repeat itself.
X: Something like that...what are you talking about, Zero!
Zero: I've been constantly thinking... For whom...for what...must we Repliroids kill one another... Even at such a time...you kept believing in humans... I trust you as my friend... So...the words of the humans whom you believe in...I want to believe in.
(The siren goes off.)
X: Stop! Stop the sealing right now!
Zero: It's okay, X.. It's already...half.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=clockwork apple] My name is..no..as one of the members of Neo Arcadia's city administration bureau, I had no name.
If a "name" is just a simple means of recognition, it is my serial number, TK-31.
This series of numbers is what served as my name.
In order to constantly maintain the humans' utopia, a strict administrative organization, consisting of a large number of mass-produced Repliroids like us, and a group of high-class Repliroids with real names, was necessary.
The human society satisfied by the calm-hearted peace was replaced in number by the society of Repliroids with advanced functionality.
I loved the system of the city Neo Arcadia, so supremely well-managed.
Yes, up until the moment I took that word as my name!

Coworker A: Look. It's Harpuia..
Coworker B: So he really has been traveling with the current survey.
Coworker C: If it involves even those guys from the administration bureau and the Hunters, it must be on a large scale. It's supposed to be very dangerous..a great treasure sleeping.
TK-31: Hey, you..would you stop that chatter over there?
Harpuia (in the background): ....Get the supply team going. Good. You are only to collect just the data that is here. Avoid independent action, and report any situations to the accompanying Hunters.
TK-31: For an information facility from the previous age that kept the prototypes to have been discovered here is extremely unusual. It's natural that Master Harpuia, representing Master X's administration from the scientific branch, would come to supervise on-site. Actually, he should consider it an honor.. Heheheheh..

Investigator A: The electricity is working..here?
TK-31: It looks like a huge library.
Investigator B: Whoa..there's an amazing number of doors. What could so many rooms possibly..
Investigator B: ..H, hey!
TK-31: At that time, I..had no idea what I was doing. That I would wander as though guided by something into the deepest data room and eat of the forbidden fruit that was the fragments of history sealed away in the darkness.. That reality would spread out unbidden before my eyes, and lift the veil..

TK-31: What is this data room..? Ah..aah! Th, this is.... the huge power that led the world to destruction..Dark Elf. The above-first-degree war criminal, Doctor Vile. The end of the Elf Wars..the operation to completely control Repliroids. ..This is Master X! What.. what are they fighting against.. Omega..? What.. what is this record..! I've never seen or heard anything like this! That reminds me..that at the research facility in Area 7, the Baby Elves from the time of the great war are stored..

(The alarm goes off.)

TK-31: Huh. Wh, what..! An overflow?! History is rewinding.. Th, the Irregular Wars.. the Sigma Antibody Program.. Mother Elf.. L, light.. Saving the world.. The birth of hope.. This is.. Project Elpis!
Harpuia: You! What are you doing over there?
TK-31: Huh..!
Harpuia: What's the matter.. what are you trembling at? Like I said..you were supposed to just gather data.

(Harpuia turns off the alarm.)

Harpuia: Someone like you, even if you were just interested and following your disgraceful curiosity..still shouldn't know pointless things. It doesn't matter. Forget everything you have just seen. Serial number..TK-31. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Irregular passion] After that survey, I returned to Neo Arcadia and would have spent a week there. During an ordinary day passing peacefully, I felt like that incident was nothing more than some kind of hallucination, as though it had been an illusion projected by signal noise in my memory banks. Yes, no matter what I had seen, it was completely impossible for my feelings about Neo Arcadia to change at all.

Repliroid: Hey. Don't you think the energy distribution quotas here have become stricter?
TK-31: We administration bureau Repliroids are treated well despite that. I have no complaints.
Repliroid: Hmph. That isn't all. The Irregular arrest rate has risen 8 percent. There has never been such an increase..until now. There's a lot of talk that there were no abnormalities in the group that was retired. Did you hear? The group that escaped staged an armed uprising, and engaged in Resistance act..
TK-31: What are you trying to say! Just who are you..?
Repliroid: I'm HE-22. I managed environmental preserves from the pre-war days on the environmental bureau.
TK-31: Preserves..? Oh yeah..you presented the report on that survey.
HE-22: Yeah. I made the presentation. That..submerged city was deleted from the records. You must notice it too. Something is happening..it's reached a very dangerous level.
TK-31: Hey! If you keep talking like that, I'll report you to the police!
HE-22: You don't get it! What is happening lately..to the Repliroids involved in that survey..

(The Hunters show up.)

TK-31: Huh..?!
Harpuia: Nobody move! This is a warrant from the Hachishinkan. Serial number TK-31. You have been designated as an Irregular for treason against the state! I'm taking you into custody.
TK-31: I, I..? An Irregular..?
Harpuia: We will regard any who resist as Irregulars and retire them here!

(An explosion occurs.)

Harpuia: What? The Resistance?!
HE-22: TK-31! This way!
TK-31: I..treason..? No.. Neo Arcadia thinks I..thinks I..!*

(Later, in the sewers.)

HE-22: Looks like we got away. Hey, keep it together, TK-31! It's all right. The intelligence you have will be indispensable for freeing our comrades who would be retired on false pretenses. We've been watching carefully for an opportunity to get you out, since you are acquainted with Neo Arcadia's internal conditions and participated in that survey. First, let's get out of here. We'll set up a base of operations. We'll collect the Resistance members scattered around and make preparations for a rebellion.
TK-31: First.. there's still something I have to do here. Let's head to the research facility in Area 7.
HE-22: Area 7..? But that's crazy! In the middle of this tight security!
TK-31: I want to find out what's going on there! That's why we have to!
HE-22: What..are you saying is there? Hey! Are you listening to me?! TK-31!
TK-31: Heheheheheh.. Stop calling me by my serial number. My name is really..Elpis! I am the one who was chosen to become the hope of all the Repliroids being oppressed in Neo Arcadia! To do that, Baby Elves, I'll need your..your power! That's right..power..more power!!

*There isn't actually any verb here. It's just "Neo Arcadia [somethings] me...me..." I did my best. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=eigth genlte judges] Foxstar: Silence!
Cerberian: Judgment!
Inarabitta: The simple solution to the current situation that the wicked crime of harm to humans is becoming common, preventing reoccurrence, from the standpoint of general precaution is that the serial number Repliroids must be commanded to be punished severely. Therefore, in the name of the true sovereign Lord X, we designate him as Irregular. He is to be retired for scrap.1
Cerberian: Designated as Irregular!
X: Today's trial concerning Irregular security is hereby adjourned.1

Inarabitta: I can't understand Master X's verdict today.
Foxstar: Inarabitta! You speak recklessly. As protectors of the law, we judges are not perfect to the point of verifying the circumstances he used as a defense.
Inarabitta: But, Foxstar. Since after all it wasn't known what he ended up seeing, don't you think that designating him as Irregular without lengthy deliberation was too hasty a decision? It's not like we didn't have more time to discuss it...
Mantisk: And if I thought I had to take an unnecessary life with these hands...it would be a weight on my mind. Indeed, that my sickles are dull should be proof of peace.
Cerberian: Hm. But, it's also true that there are humans who cannot just put aside their fear of Irregulars. Mantisk. The laws that we are supposed to protect are for humans' sake. It's ******* us as Repliroids, but... Master X...has been changed.
Harpuia: Cerberian.
Cerberian: Ah, it's..Sir Sage!2
Harpuia: What you said just now..I will pretend that I didn't hear it. As for the recent increase in Irregulars, it's the incompetence of us Four Guardians as well. The one to blame for today's verdict...could it have been me?
Cerberian: Take care of yourself, Sir Sage. The same as Master X, you are a light that shines on everyone. Please don't blame yourself. It becomes a breeding ground for dangerous thoughts, the reform of the Irregular reserve troops.3 Preventative treatment, that is, the correction of causes of stress, is necessary. But, the founding principle of Neo Arcadia naturally was to be cooperation between humans and Repliroids... Master X... A better decision...

1 Some of the legal language here did not appear in any of the dictionaries I checked, and people more skilled in Japanese than I didn't know what it meant either. I think I got the thrust of it, in any case.
2 Harpuia is called "Kenshou-dono" here, a combination of "kenshou," his title, which means something like "wise leader" and was translated "sage" in MMZ2; and "dono," a formal suffix usually used for knights and the like.
3 Could mean either that [thinking about] reforming Irregulars gives rise to dangerous thoughts, or perhaps that the reforms instituted among the Irregulars cause the Neo Arcadian Repliroids to get subversive ideas. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=the vile numbers] Leviathan: Aaaahh!
Fefnir: Now you've done it..I'll blow you to pieces! (Fefnir fires but gets smashed by Omega's claw.) Augh!
Omega: Guooooo...

The release of the Dark Elf once resonated with Omega, the Devil Repliroid who plunged the world into terror. When the apparition calling himself Doctor Vile appeared in front of me, I knew that the utopia Neo Arcadia was no more than an illusion created at the end of the bloody battle. But if the friends I spent my life with, fought with, made promises with, the sworn enemies I fought my hardest against, were all a dream... That couldn't be. Otherwise everything in this world would be an illusion. All the power, all the deceit, were now to reveal a history steeped in madness.

"Emergency Floor Center!"
"The delegation? Send it over there."
"Master X has been brought back!"
"That Vile..what could they have done together.."
"Well..if they prepare the data and don't analyze it.."
"They should bring him in by force!"
"That is..the orders are coming down from Master X that he is cancelling his exile, and appointing him as an important government official."

Subordinate: Master Harpuia! Master X is..
Harpuia: ..What's happening with Fefnir and Leviathan's condition?
Subordinate: That is.. Doctor Vile's instructions take the highest priority. Since the maintenance team, along with the medical support team, has its hands full at the moment..
Harpuia: What did you say..?!

Human: Master Harpuia.
Harpuia: You..! Only three people?
Human: Yes, when we heard that those two had suffered serious injuries, we came as fast as we could. At a time like this, there's little we humans can do.
Harpuia: I'm sorry. ..Well, how are they doing?
Human: Well. We gave them the best treatment we could, but apparently they lost consciousness as soon as the transfer was complete, and now, their condition remains critical. As for when they'll wake up..we don't..

Inarabitta: Aahh, what, you finally got back, Harpuia. You're pretty slow for someone who can fly. Hey! Hurry up and get those two pieces of scrap metal and free up the room!
Harpuia: What..!
Mantisk: Kyahahahaha.. Want us to help you dispose of them? Since it's been this long and you still haven't stopped the Resistance, you're about to be fired. Neo Arcadia doesn't have enough extra energy to waste it on failures.
Harpuia: Watch your mouth! Those two went to fight against the Devil Repliroid so the tragedy of a century ago wouldn't be repeated!
Cerberian: Goruruuaahhh...! Stop your whining, you little gnat! We have to prepare for Lord Vile. It doesn't matter what happens with your friends!
Harpuia: Did you say..Lord..Vile? You..what are you talking about!
Foxstar: Ohoho.. While you were lollygagging around, Lord Vile gave us an upgrade. Yes...somehow it's so refreshing..it's a good feeling! Hoohohoho...!
Harpuia: What!
Inarabitta: You're not too quick on the uptake. Since you couldn't handle that idiot from somewhere calling himself Zero, we have to take care of the disruption. Hey! There isn't enough room for Lord Vile's research. Get out of the way already, blockhead!
Harpuia: Ch.. All Vile's doing.. I won't leave Neo Arcadia..the future of humans..to your loose idea of justice any longer! [/spoiler]

[spoiler=ligth and shadow] Cyber X: Phantom.. finally we were able to meet, ne.
Phantom: In this kind of shape, this interval I was probably able to meet
with you...
Cyber X: Yeah. You already... know about Zero, don't you?
Phantom: With your will. I've had the honour to know everything. He...
Cyber X: He is now... fighting for humans, for Repliroids. Won't you lend
him your power?
Phantom: .. My darkness.. serves no other light but you. Are not his sword
of fidelity protecting humans and Repliroids able to be sufficient?.. Regarding
myself being able.. I simply ascertain nothing but that. I too... became
to the blade.
Cyber X: You don't... change.
Phantom: A thing that will simply change like that cannot be called loyalty.
Cyber X: I understand. You have that unshaken heart I trust. I also trust
Zero, he surely has overcome everything.
*Sound Effect*
Phantom: Hm..?
Cyber X: This feeling is.. them, isn't it?
Phantom: I'm not sure, but was Omega broken by him...?
Cyber X: Perhaps... Let's go, Phantom.
Phantom: With your will. [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Stand and figth] Cyber X: They suffered terrible damage, didn't they? Are you alright?
Phantom: Awaken! Master X is in front of you.
Leviathan: ..... U...n..! ..Hu! Phantom..? Master X!
Fafnir: Aan... ..Hu! Hu..oi oi, did we regretably perish?
Phantom: No. You right now are no drifting interim between life and death.
I have already long parted with my body, but you two should still return
and be parting from us. And then the thing you should do is expected to
Cyber X: That's right. There is a thing I wish to request of you.
Leviathan: Something you wish to request..?
Cyber X: In Neo Arcadia, no, throughout the world, because of the Repliroids,
chaos is occurring. The Dark Elf and Omega's resonance is brainwashing
all of the Repliroids, Vile's thoughts of control, dismay, and then the
prelude of his vengence will likely have begun.
Leviathan: Vile..!?
Fafnir: Chit.. Dark Elf was able to be broken down and passed over to the
hand of the that old man...?
Cyber X: With things the way they are, the tragedy of the Elf Wars could
repeat a second time. In order to be able to stop that, the influence of
brainwashing can't be undertaken by you two, and it can't be just Zero.
Fafnir: De, so it can be the way of you ordering us to help Zero. Heh..
If yoouu saay soo, I will come out once. I intend on getting used to meeting
that damn guy, eh. I will surely strike down Zero!
Leviathan: That is the same way for me... Even if you may give me that order,
I will never have a feeling of friendship with Zero, wa. He is... my game.
Cyber X: Is that so...
Leviathan: Yes. However... Things like Vile are also my game and cannot
be taken away!
Fafnir: Thaat's riightah! First, before I waste Zero, I'll borrow and return
that [deerball] Omega. Heh, he won't be able to underestamate the name of
Cyber X: You two...
Fafnir&Leviathan: Master X, now, once you give us our orders!
Cyber X: A.... Fafnir, Leviathan, I want you to protect all the very weak
things from Vile and Omega's threatening influence. You can do it, can't
Fafnir&Leviathan: Leave it to us! By all means, betting on our pride!
Fafnir: Hey! What will you do, Phantom?
Phantom: The darkness drifts my decission. There are times here when it
should form in me.
Leviathan: That's right... haa.. it can be a long time before we four can
meet. It's a bit diplorable.
Cyber X: Well then, let's return. You two should go protect that world! [/spoiler]

[spoiler=with our justice] Battlefield
SE attack sound
Harpuia: There [do] [ke] [tsu]! [hu] [tsu], oh! (It attacks)
SE explosion
SE attack sound
Harpuia: [tsu]! In this large crowd with non spirit.
SE furthermore big explosion happens.
Fafnir: And others and others and others [a] [tsu]!
SE Harpuia shoots the launcher.
SE explosion
Fafnir: The [do] - the [do] which is done - the [a] which is done?
You spit complaints, don't you think? how it is unusual, - the [a].
Unless and [tsu] [pa] I am, don't you think? the stripe and others -? [tsu].
Leviathan: So just a little profit the [wa] which is done!
The being troubled face of the [kiza] boy don't you think? those which how are not seen rarely.
[tsu]! And [tsu]! (It attacks)
SE attack sound
SE explosion
SE footstep
Harpuia: [hu] [tsu]. It is slow, you.
Leviathan: Even now it hurried, is. Still, dust [tsu] [po] now in the body still it does.
Tidying up quickly, with the pool of the maintenance gym coating the [wa] which would like to do again to do.
Fafnir: To the [tsu], the [wa] [ri] it is. Just a little it approaches, the road doing, the [te].
Me, the x way the [ze] which meets.
However you could hear detailed story in you and the [tsu] [te] were said.
The way, [bairu] and Omega the [bu] [tsu] it should have crushed, it is the [ro] which is.
Harpuia: Being understood, [ru]?
Now Vile has become the Neo Arcadian rule person.
To be attached to me, Neo Arcadia it means to revolt it is.
It is possible to being that?
Leviathan: [tsu] [hu] [hu] [tsu]. Don't you think? unusual [wa].
Requesting opinion from us the oak and others which how, until now is?
Fafnir: The [a] which is what, it is. Don't you think? to seem, -.
As for you when we would like to rub the 憎 [tsu] you want with the face which seems, the gill [so] - ordering, the [ri] [ya] it is and - it is!
Harpuia: [hu] [tsu] so was. Vile and Omega are pushed down with me. Those which it should protect name in Neo Arcadian also being four Tenno title.
Fafnir: As for our powers for human!
Leviathan: Because of the justice which we believe!
Harpuia: It goes!
Fefnir: And others and others and others and others and others [a]!
Leviathan: And [a] - [tsu]!
Harpuia: [a] - [tsu]!

Harpuia: Even if, assuming that the other side of the door, is future is covered in the darkness.
The wind pays the fog, the flame shows the road (being full).
The water the entire body moistening and the shadow projects oneself,….
Through four heaven, the sky it becomes the light which is led!
X way. We continue to fight, in order to protect the human.
This life which was bet on justice, it will run out also.
M2 OUT [/spoiler]

[spoiler=dreams never ends] Cyber space
Cyber X: There became various fights... there became various encounters... and then, now, I saw everyone's feelings myself... humans and Repliroids...there is nothing in the weight of daily life... and our lives too... the new life is becoming accepted... Zero, I will go on living together will all of you![/spoiler]

Iam having problems uploading the audio. As soon as i resolve it i will upload the drama tracks. Really. This tracks made me cry D: The story of X and the guardianas, specially elf wars and our justice are just wonderfull.

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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:19 am 
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Oh the story of the Zero series is really good , Thz a lot ! :mrgreen:

Edit by ZeroX: Go back and actually read through the post, Before you start posting

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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:42 pm 
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Did you even read what he just posted? Go back and actually read his post before you go posting......

Anyway, Thanks for uploading these ENOCH! I didn't know that Cyber Elf X knew the Guardians.

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 Post Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:58 am 
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Well, actaully X met the dark elf in the mavercik wars. Originally called mother elf, Mother elf was a special kind of elf created to destroy the sigma virus. It was created from zero DNA.

Thanks to this, X was able to exterminate the sigma virus but then doctor weil stole her and transformed her into Dark-elf. Dr weil used the dark elf and zero orinal body and created omega. The dark elf was used to control and destroy all reploid on earth and these caused the elf wars. After X and Zero (in his copy body) defeated omega, zero put him self to sleep as we see in one of the drama tracks and X sailed the dark elf into his body. It looks like neoarcadia was alredy built by these time and was goberned by the originall X. The 4 guardians where created from X DNA and where used to "repair" the enviroment, so actually X and the guardians met each other and the guardians where the sons of X. After X desapered beacuse of the sail of the dark elf, Ciel buit copy-X and it looked like the guardians didnt know that that X was a copy. This copy was not perfect at all and became into a tyrant and thats how the zero series starts xD.

All this tracks must be readen in orther to understand this saga. All the information was got from another forum where me and my friends investigaded the story of rockman and translated the tracks and the rockman zero complete works.

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